'Strange Visitor' Caught on Home Security Camera in New York

A still image from Joey Nolan’s YouTube video.  (Joey Nolan / YouTube)

A still image from Joey Nolan’s YouTube video. (Joey Nolan / YouTube)

A home security camera video posted to YouTube on August 14th captured what some are claiming is paranormal activity in the residence of one couple from Long Island, New York.

According to the video’s description:

On August 8th, 2019 at 12:54 a.m. our security camera picked up a strange visitor walking through the kitchen. Some claim it's a little boy and their pet. We don't know for sure, but let us know what you think.

The video was posted to the YouTube channel of Joey Nolan, who lives with his wife and three cats, after first being shared with family and friends.

"My wife was scanning through footage ‘cause one of our cats had gotten sick on the rug upstairs, so she was looking to see which one it was (we have three)," he said.

A misty figure can be seen entering from the camera's right, and as it disappears, a smaller shape seems to flit about the lower center frame of the video.

Nolan mentioned that the couple had shared the same dream about a dog shortly before capturing the unusual figure on film.

“I said to [my wife] that maybe the spirit of a dog hopped into bed with us the night we had the dreams,” Nolan said. “Initially, I tried to play it off as a cobweb, flies, dust…but the actual steps the ‘figure’ takes in the kitchen is strange.”

Despite Nolan’s stated opinion, many skeptics have written the figure off as a spider spinning its web close to the camera’s lens.

"This is just the silk of a spider," one viewer commented. "The camera's infrared is bouncing off the silk and making you all think it's something it isn't."

Others were dubious after noticing that the cat doesn’t react to whatever the camera captured; something even believers found odd.

"[The cat] doesn't even react. So this is NOT a ghost! Cats are extremely sensitive to the paranormal. It is just lying there calmly," noted another viewer.

Nolan responded to these concerns by stating that all three of their cats are “very chill.”

Still others suspected that the ephemeral figure might be explained by old data that has not been totally erased from previous videos reappearing on this one, but many were quick to point out that digital video doesn’t store data that way, unlike its older analog predecessor.

Of those convinced of the video’s paranormal authenticity, at least a few blamed the figure on demonic activity.

"Well, if the cat is sick than that’s probably the reason. Even though [people] have been misguided about ‘ghosts’ and former ‘dead [people]’. They’re actually demons," one viewer said. "They play with your emotions till you accept them as something good and once you’ve come into agreement with that, then darker things begin to happen because you’ve opened that door. This stuff is no joke and not something to play around with."

Said another:

Joey, I have had similar experiences in the past with this. This is demonic activity in your house. The cats getting sick, bad dreams, and actually seeing them are sure tell signs (among other clues attributed to "bad luck," spontaneous fighting between family members, etc). If it starts to get worse, make sure to find a holy spirit filled minister to help you. You can pray to God himself sincerely, if you have doubts and He will help you. I hope this helps in your issue. High demonic activity like this causes many bad issues, I hope you don't ignore this as minor issue. God bless you.

Investigator Tobias Wayland has strong doubts about any demonic origin for the activity.

“I don’t see how it’s helpful for certain people to blame everything on demons,” he said. “There’s literally no evidence of any malevolent presence in this couple’s home. I hope they check for spider webs, to rule that out, and if there is something there, especially if it’s anything to do with the dog who visited them in their dream, I think responding with compassion would be the best approach.”

This is the latest in a string of ‘ghosts’ reportedly captured on home surveillance devices; including couples in California and Michigan who caught strange figures on their nanny cams, and a Georgia woman whose home security camera appeared to show a ghostly image of her son who passed away two years prior.

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