Pink-and-Purple-Hued Apparitions Captured by Parents on 'Cocoon Cam' Baby Monitor

(Natalie Wallace)

(Natalie Wallace)

Los Angeles resident Natalie Wallace told The Wall Street Journal recently that she and her husband had been seeing strange, ghostly forms appear on their baby monitor.

Wallace, who helps run a leadership development company, first noticed the apparitions one night a month ago while lying in bed. She glanced at their Cocoon Cam baby monitor and was surprised to see pink and purple blobs surrounding the baby's bassinet. The colors are meant to indicate motion, which was odd, because her baby was fast asleep.

It was a few days later that Wallace's husband showed her a screenshot he'd taken of a humanoid figure on the baby monitor. The figure appeared to be floating above the ground near their sleeping baby. Shortly after, they witnessed what looked like a number of ghostly shapes looming over the infant.

Screenshots of the ghostly figures.  (Nancy Wallace)

Screenshots of the ghostly figures. (Nancy Wallace)

Gary McMath, Cocoon Cam’s marketing chief, blamed the apparitions on the baby monitor picking up objects moving in its frame, such as lights, shadows, or blowing curtains.

McMath said that had the monitor been mounted on the wall as intended, instead of placed on a dresser, it might not have malfunctioned.

“When the camera is properly installed, the computer vision would focus on the baby’s motions—waking, sleeping, even breathing,” he said. “I hope this clarifies the matter.”

Despite McMath’s assertion, there do not appear to be any objects in the baby’s room that could be causing the malfunction.

When pressed, he admitted that the company had been contacted by others who have experienced similar issues.

“We have gotten a few calls/emails asking about similar phenomenon,” said McMath.

Wallace tried to replicate the ghosts by capturing other movement—including that of the alarm clock, her husband rocking the baby, and her baby moving in the bassinet—but she found that the colors signifying those motions didn't match the apparitions they’d seen.

The couple has since decided to turn off the motion detector and only use the baby monitor's audio from now on.

Two similar incidents from earlier this year seem to indicate that a rise in home monitoring may correlate to an increase in captured paranormal images.

In January, a woman in Atlanta, Georgia took to social media to post a still image taken from her home security camera that seemed to show a ghostly image of her son who passed away two years earlier, and in March a Michigan couple captured on video what they believed to have been the ghost that had been terrorizing their household for weeks.

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