Angel Hawari to Present Monster Art at Cryptid Hair Parlour


Fortean artist Angel Hawari will partner with Cryptid Hair Parlour in Minneapolis next month to showcase “a collection of paintings featuring a host of original characters set in intricate environments reminiscent of staged scenes.”

The exhibit, titled Adorably Awkward: A Monstrously Cute Art Show, will feature a variety of creatures, including “tardigrade-inspired jelly bean bears, seedling creatures, candycorn tribesmen, unicorns, and pink fuzzy creatures as they awkwardly navigate life.”


The show’s opening night is November 10th from 6-9 p.m., but it will run from November 6th-30th during normal business hours in The Cryptid Hair Parlour at 2358 NE Stinson Parkway, Minneapolis, MN 55418.

Admission is free.

To see more of Angel’s art, visit her page in The Singular Fortean Society’s paranormal art portal.

All art used in this article is credited to Angel Hawari.

Tobias Wayland