Angel Hawari was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Growing up so close to New Orleans gave her an eclectic appreciation for curious things, storytelling, and confections. She is primarily an acrylic painter who dabbles with other mediums when ever she can. Her narrative art style is richly saturated in a candy-coated palette that inspires a world teeming with enchanted animals and a growing host of characters based at least in part on people and places in the real world. Angel currently lives in Minnesota with her clever husband, who can cook anything you could ever dream of eating, and their son who is as messily creative as his parents.


ANGEL HAWARI (Minneapolis, MN)

  • Professional Affiliation: Artist / Painter / Illustrator

  • Education: I spent a couple years in college. My color theory, drawing, and art history professors had a particularly strong influence on me, but I didn't finish school. I'm pretty self driven and love art in large part for how it allows you to explore and experiment. So I decided it'd probably be better to study on my own.

  • Medium & style: Acrylic on canvas / Mixed Media / Pop Surrealist

  • Professional Memberships: Unicorn Whisperer - The Unicorn Art Show (MPLS) / Monster Wrangler - Gods and Monsters

  • Exhibition Record: I do the Gods and Monsters and Unicorn Art Show in Minneapolis every year, and show my work all over the United States. Lately I've gotten to do shows with Rogue Citizen, Gamut Gallery, Alexi Era Gallery, Cult Status, Dim Media and more. I even got to illustrate Desdemona Ross' latest album.