Surveillance Footage Prompts Speculation of Paranormal Activity in New Mexico Restaurant


Footage taken from a surveillance camera at Dion’s in Albuquerque, New Mexico, was shared to the pizzeria’s Facebook page on October 26th after capturing what appears to be a food cover sliding off of the prep station and onto the floor. The restaurant is seemingly empty during the video, leading some to suspect a paranormal explanation for the phenomenon.

"Look closely," captioned the restaurant. "We think one of our stores is haunted..."

Facebook users were quick to point out rational explanations.

"Someone didn’t put the lid on all the way," said one commenter.

Many others simply joked about how the popular restaurant chain should pick up and move to their town instead, leaving the reportedly haunted location behind.

Dion’s revealed in the video’s comments that the restaurant in question is their Morris & Montgomery location in Albuquerque.

ghost, hauntedTobias Wayland