El Chupacabra the World Citizen

Eyewitness sightings of the chupacabra began in Puerto Rico, but have since spread throughout the Americas, and even the world.  Reports of the sightings at first were isolated to areas with significant hispanic communities, but, as communications technologies progressed, have been disseminated worldwide.  Reported sightings of the bloodthirsty beast have come from as far north as Maine in the United States, and as far south as the South American nation of Chile; although most sightings are reported in Puerto Rico, Mexico, and the southern United States.  Worldwide, sightings have been reported in such unlikely locales as Russia and the Philippines.  

This leaves one to wonder if the reports represent a living creature, or if the chupacabra has spread to these disparate lands through word of mouth--its legend applied to some similar local phenomenon through the cultural integration of a shrinking world.  Some associate the chupacabra with UFOs and cattle mutilations, and as such speculate that if the creature is a product of alien intervention, then it would have little trouble traversing the globe.  How the sightings have spread so far, and whether they represent a real monster or merely demonstrate the dispersal of folklore, remains to be seen.

Tobias Wayland