Paranormal Pop Culture: Chupacabra: Dark Seas

The titular chupacabra.

The titular chupacabra.

The film Chupacabra: Dark Seas, released on DVD as Chupacabra Terror, tells the tale of a cryptozoologist who captures a chupacabra on a remote Caribbean island.  He smuggles the creature aboard a cruise ship, but things go awry when curious crew members set the chupacabra free.  The chupacabra goes on a killing spree aboard the ship, murdering the passengers one-by-one; including the U.S. Navy Seals called in to exterminate it.  Luckily, there is a small band of heroes that battle both the beast and the cryptozoologist that values the monster's life more than those of the humans on board.

The movie itself was written off by critics as little more than b-horror schlock, and has very little in common with real-life reported sightings of the chupacabra. The rubber suit and CGI used to represent the beast bears almost no resemblance to eyewitness descriptions of the chupacabra, but apparently the filmmakers did try their best to make the appearance of the monster believable.

According to the Internet Movie Database, "The filmmakers initially wanted the chupacabra to have glowing red eyes, but ultimately decided to pass on this particular idea because they wanted to make the chupacabra as realistic as possible."

Ultimately, there is no resemblance between the monster in this movie and the reality of the chupacabra as it's experienced by those that say they've seen it; the movie version doesn't even drink blood, preferring instead to feed on its victims' intestines.  I'm afraid a chupacabra that doesn't drink blood is no chupacabra at all.

Tobias Wayland