Paranormal Pop Culture: The Mothman Prophecies Film

In 2002, a film version of The Mothman Prophecies was released, which deviated significantly from the events recorded in John Keel's book.  The movie shoehorns in a sad romance between the protagonist--called John Klein instead of Keel--and his deceased wife, and adds a few other dramatic indulgences, including the death of a supporting character.  It also leaves out most of the sightings of Mothman, and the accounts of actual eyewitnesses, instead focusing entirely on Klein, played by Richard Gere.  

The movie does culminate in the collapse of the Silver Bridge, which of course really happened, but it dramatically places Klein at the scene, and his path to this denouement is fraught with sentimental contrivances.  Overall, if you're a fan of Keel's work and the paranormal, you're likely to be frustrated by this discrepant simplification of a book that is so weird and convoluted that its contents couldn't possible be done justice in one movie--especially this one.