Flying Humanoids and Flying Saucers

The Mothman phenomenon has always been strongly associated with UFOs.  Sightings of UFOs ran concurrently with those of the Mothman in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, from 1966 to 1967, and reports of encounters with Men in Black were also recorded--a staple of the UFO phenomenon.  Some speculate that the Mothman might be an extraterrestrial, or that perhaps the creature is extradimensional and the accompanying UFOs are a weird byproduct of interdimensional travel.  John Keel believed that the basis for these sightings was something he called ultraterrestrials, and that they had occupied the Earth at least as long as humanity.  Keel thought that UFOs were constructs created by these beings, and that they never appeared to us as they actually were, but rather our minds were manipulated by the ultraterrestrials to see things as they wanted.  Regardless of one’s theory, the link between flying humanoids, like Mothman, and UFOs is undeniable, and continues to this day.  One of the latest sightings in Chicago involved an unidentified green light that appeared just after witnesses saw a weird, winged creature.

Tobias Wayland