Cosmic Conspiracy or Popularized Paranoia?

We live in an age of unparalleled access to facts; our ability to see and experience the world around us and beyond is nothing short of miraculous, largely thanks to the advent of the internet.  Unfortunately, this gift does not include an increased understanding of how to interpret said facts.  Too often, I see otherwise intelligent people contorting any and all information to fit their narrative.  In the video above, we are shown an illuminated object entering the Earth's atmosphere.  That's it.  That's the whole video.  There isn't any other indication as to the nature of the phenomenon.  But, because NASA's feed momentarily cut out, we are left with a vocal minority who feel they must cry conspiracy.

Now, I love a good conspiracy as much as the next guy--assuming the next guy trusts no one--but this video isn't giving us much to work with.  The item in question never deviates from its linear flight path, and I would fairly confidently guess, is illuminated by either the sun or the friction of its entry into our atmosphere.  I see no reason to assume that this would change after it is no longer in our sight, nor do I find anything particularly troubling about the loss of the video feed itself--other than the fact that our space program is woefully underfunded, and I imagine the loss is a result of getting exactly what we're willing to pay for.  As someone who firmly and enthusiastically believes in the unexplained, and as an experiencer myself, I cannot stress enough how much damage I believe these videos, and the mindset from which they originate, cause for us in our pursuit of the truth.  If we are to ever convince anyone who hasn't witnessed the impossible of its existence, then we must first begin by proving to them that we are not fools.

Yours in Impossibility,



Tobias Wayland