Aliens Over the Big Apple?

The Secure Team ufological investigation organization recently posted the above footage to YouTube, which appears to show a large, black UFO flying over New York City.  According to one witness on Staten Island, the object was accompanied by a vibratory, static sound that came from the sky and gradually increased in intensity.  While Tyler Glockner, the voice of Secure Team, stated that multiple witnesses reported the sighting to him, I have yet to see any other footage surface.  Also of note is that it is almost impossible to judge the size and speed of the object, since the footage was taken from a moving vehicle. 

I am a little dubious of the craft in this video, simply because an object of its purported size should have caused much more of an uproar.  It was taken in broad daylight over an urban area, and a single cell phone video doesn't seem an appropriate outcome for the situation.  I think that if there really were a mystery here that we would see multiple videos from different angles.  There are no signs of Photoshop or other manipulative software, though, so I don't suspect that this is a hoax as much as a misidentification.  As for the Staten Island sound, well, I would guess that it was an airplane flying at low altitude.  Honestly, that explanation works equally well for the sighting itself.  Of course, without more evidence, I can't be certain of anything.  So, what do you think?  Is this a mundane misidentification, or are there aliens buzzing the Big Apple?

Yours in Impossibility,


Tobias Wayland