Fortean Photography: "Gabby"

This week's post features a photograph sent to us by a local fortean. Aryn* and her roommate Cait* were living in Cole Hall in 2013 as freshmen and experienced some unusual activity. The above photograph was submitted to us by Aryn and was taken late October of that year. The witness claims that she does not recall any such apparition in her field of vision at the time.

Soon after Aryn discovered the anomaly in the photograph and showed the captured iPhone image to her roommate, Cait explained that she had an encounter just before the picture was taken. She awoke from a very vivid dream and saw a young girl standing at the foot of her bed watching her. Somehow, Cait instinctually felt that she knew this girl's name was Gabby. On the same night a group of friends were discussing Cait's experience, a strange path of light appeared on the digital emulsion of a cell phone capture. Could this coincidence mean anything?

As far as I can see, while it is not the usual thumb-off-to-the-side-of-the-image that usually disrupts an exposure, I do not find this photograph to be paranormal in nature. It is odd that the imperfection within the foreground of the image seems to move so erratically, but it looks similar to a light trail captured using a longer exposure and given the illusion of movement through the natural shakiness of holding the camera by hand. The blue hue of the light path is similar to that of a flash bouncing off of a mirror or similarly reflective object. However, the encounter with "Gabby" is still something I cannot explain.

Thanks to our witnesses for sharing her story and sharing a mystery that has happened in our own city. These oddities can happen anywhere, and if you have a story please share it with us at

Unusually Yours,


Tobias Wayland