Animal Magnetism

A US scientist claims to have discovered that humans are capable of sensing Earth's magnetic fields, in a way similar to that of other animals.  And while the accuracy of this sense and the implications of its existence are not clear, there will undoubtedly be more research into the phenomenon.  So, if we do possess this extra sense, what does it mean?  And, more toward our purposes here at the Society, could it explain any of the paranormal?  If humans can sense magnetic fields, and assuming that some hauntings are caused by electromagnetic anomalies, or that ghosts themselves are comprised of some spectrum of electromagnetism, could this explain certain instances of psychic phenomenon?  Is this the missing sixth sense that allows us to witness the impossible? Time will tell, but I'll be keeping a close eye--as well as any other senses of which I may not yet be aware--on this study as it develops.

Yours in Impossibility,


Tobias Wayland