Better than Television

In a report to Detroit's Channel 4 news, a local woman claims a strange light has appeared over her house several times.  The footage above is from the most recent incident, which occurred the evening of June 3rd.  This was filmed on the woman's cell phone camera, and was taken while observing the object from her front yard.  The woman claimed the object possessed multicolored flashing lights, but the level of video quality of which a cell phone is capable has reduced the object to little more than a white blob.  We can rule out light reflecting on glass, since the witness was outside, and the object was moving, which would exclude any stationary celestial object.  Some locals have speculated that the aerial mystery is the DirecTV blimp, which was visiting the city at the time.  That could explain the flashing lights, and the movement of the object.  Whatever it was, it did appear to be somewhat obscured by cloud cover; which, if it were a blimp, would explain why the witness wasn't able to immediately identify it.  However, the witness also claims to have seen the object multiple times over her house, and that makes the blimp explanation a bit problematic.  What do you think?  Is this a commercial blimp, or something stranger?

Yours in Impossibility,


Tobias Wayland