Fortean Photography: The Haunted Selfie

Please click the image to go to the original online posting.

Please click the image to go to the original online posting.

Imagine taking a "selfie" and when you look at your smartphone's screen, there is something there that shouldn't be. Something...paranormal. Or is it?

A user on Reddit shared this image and said that a friend took this picture of herself and her daughter kissing, but upon examination of the photo there was a ghost girl in the background of the image. She claimed that she and her young daughter were the only ones at home, and they later called in ghost experts and learned that their home was built over an old crematorium. Sounds extra creepy, right? But is this image fact or fiction?

I can confidently say that this photograph is a hoax. Being a photographer myself, I questioned the cropping of the selfie. Why expose so much of the background? My guess is that there is actually a second daughter who happened to be passing behind the foreground and when the mother looked at her phone she thought the "ghost" in the background looked creepy and went on the internet to tell stories.

There is nothing paranormal to question about the figure in the background. The girl's form is solid, and you can actually see her feet. This image is quite easy to debunk, sorry dvac23.

I guess this is yet another solid example of why you shouldn't believe everything you see online (especially on Reddit) without any evidence beyond someone's word.

Unusually Yours,


Tobias Wayland