Bigfoot in Dane County

There have been eighty-six reported sightings of bigfoot in Wisconsin dating back over thirty years, according to the Bigfoot Field Researcher's Organization (BFRO), and of those eighty-six, two of them took place in Dane County.  Perhaps not coincidentally, both reported experiences took place in the same geographic area, separated by time if not distance, since they occurred decades apart.  These encounters took place around the area of Donald County Park between Springdale and Mount Horeb, and both seem to have left an indelible impression on their respective witnesses.  

So, what do you think?  Could an undiscovered species of hairy hominid be loose in Mount Horeb, other than their famous trolls?  Seeing as how this is practically in my backyard, I aim to find out.  I'll be heading out there this month to see what I can scare up in the woods, and I'll try to find any other witnesses to sasquatch activity in the area.  If you've seen something, please let me know!  Otherwise, stay tuned to discover what I find.

Yours in Impossibility,