Bigfoot Month Begins!

Bigfoot isn't just sighted in the Pacific Northwest, you know.  No, the elusive hominid is seen all over this great land of ours, by every type of person.  Just take a peek at this article from a local CBS affiliate in Michigan if you don't believe me.  And don't think our beloved dairy state is any different.  According to the Bigfoot Field Researcher's Organization (BFRO), there was a report of knocking sounds and eerie screams in the woods outside of Mount Horeb as recently as 2011, and that's just in Dane County.  The further north you go, the more likely you are to run into the famed wild man of the woods.  So strap on your hiking boots, grab a sturdy walking stick, and join us this month as we go into the woods of Wisconsin in search of Sasquatch!

And don't worry, ghost lovers!  I'll be finishing up the article on Sanatorium Hill this week, so look for that to be posted by Friday. 

Yours in Impossibility,