Nautical Nostalgia

One of my earliest creature crushes as a kid was for the various species of marine monsters.  They had everything for which I was looking in a monster; they were big, they were terrifying, they didn't require any complicated metaphysical explanation, and they were spotted and filmed with such regularity that they seemed really plausible. I read everything I could about these aquatic beasts.  And while my tastes as I've matured have turned more towards the metaphysical, I still get uncomfortable whenever I'm in a natural body of water so deep that my feet can't reach the bottom.  

So, naturally, I felt a bit of nostalgic excitement when I first watched this video of a large, unidentified creature in the river Thames a few weeks ago.  Theories abound as to what it might be, and while it could be a whale or a pod of dolphins, my inner child is keeping his fingers crossed for Nessie's cousin to have taken a holiday in London.  No matter what, though, it will be fun to find out what it was (if we ever do); just so long as it doesn't turn out to be a lost movie prop, like the one that was just found in Loch Ness. 

Yours in Impossibility,


Tobias Wayland