Electromagnetic Mayhem

I've been doing a lot of thinking about hauntings, human consciousness, and the area where these phenomena intersect, since we went out to Sanitarium Hill.  And one of the things on which I've been concentrating is the theory that electromagnetic fields, whether natural or artificial, cause us to experience hauntings.  If you believe the conclusions of the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena, or ASSAP, then they certainly do; but I have my doubts.

Now, there's no doubting that electromagnetism has an effect on the human brain, I'm not going to argue that, but I don't buy it as the blanket explanation for hauntings the ASSAP would like it to be, in much the same way that I don't believe sleep paralysis explains away alien abduction.  Now, certainly, it's possible that electromagnetic fields, or EMFs, explain a handful of experiences.  It's been proven in the lab that they can trigger feelings of eeriness and certain mild hallucinations associated with some hauntings.  But the breadth and scope of ghosts and hauntings simply do not lend themselves so easily to explanation.

For instance, let us consider artificial EMFs; haunted areas have existed for thousands of years prior to mankind having mastered the use of electricity.  I must then wonder how the EMFs were created in haunted houses prior to the 20th century.  Certainly, houses in the Victorian era had no shortage of ghostly activity, but without artificial EMFs, what was there to fuel it?  Natural EMFs don't provide a better explanation, since the most commonly accepted source of those is tectonic strain, and while some abodes may have certainly been built on or near fault lines, just as many likely were not, and natural EMFs do little to explain how only one house in an area or even a single room in said house would appear haunted to the exclusion of its surroundings in those conditions.  Natural phenomena is rarely so concentrated.

And what are we to make of multiple witness sightings?  What would cause two people (often unrelated) to hallucinate in exactly, or at least quite similarly, the same way?  EMF might induce vague, creepy feellings, but I doubt very much that it can cause multiple witnesses to visually hallucinate the same spectral form, or receive the same message, especially when these incidents take place at different times.  So, once again I am frustrated and confused at certain mainstream scientific organizations' attempts at debunking a collection of phenomena they have left largely unexamined.  Their attempts at explanation by declaration have left me unimpressed, and somehow, I'm willing to bet they've done the same for you.

Yours in Impossibility,



Tobias Wayland