Singular Cerebrations: Community Book Club

There's nothing like monsters roaming among us to bring people together.

There's nothing like monsters roaming among us to bring people together.

If there's one thing I'm reminded of every election cycle it's that two perfectly good and decent people can disagree on something, and neither of them are necessarily wrong.  That is the essence of our community here in The Singular Fortean Society.  I don't demand that everyone agree with me or tote some paranormal party line.  I'd rather encourage a healthy, respectful debate, and let each open mind make itself up.

And in that vein we here at the Society are rolling out a book club.  We'll read one book a month, and then meet later in the month to discuss it.  This is still new so please feel free to share any ideas on books or meeting places that occur to you.  The first book is Monsters Among Us, by Linda Godfrey.  Monsters will always be Emily's and my first fortean love, so we couldn't imagine a better book for our inaugural club meeting.  I think you'll find Linda's writing both engaging and accessible, but if you disagree with me then I'd love to hear why. 

I very much hope that you'll join Madison's burgeoning fortean community, and consider making time to meet us this November 19th at Mother Fool's Coffeehouse to discuss this book--and to keep making time for us in the future to discuss the best and most influential books on strange subjects from the past and present.

Yours in Impossibility,


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