Singular Cerebrations: Why We Fight

One of the things I love about this community is how welcoming it is.  We run the gamut of ethnicities, religions, and political beliefs; but our values and experiences connect us, and I've never felt unwelcome.  And so, in light of the events of this past week, it is my sincere hope that we can apply our community's paradigm of inclusion across every spectrum of society.  It seems appropriate, on Veteran's Day, to remember the countless heroes who've served this country in the cause of freedom, and honor their sacrifice by ensuring that freedom applies to everybody--even if we don't share all of their opinions.  I implore you to fight against the rising tide of hate that separates us, and do battle with bigotry wherever you find it.  Listen to people with whom you disagree, and remember that we all have much more in common than we have differences among us.

Yours in Impossibility,


Tobias Wayland