'Anybody Can See Faeries', Say 'Faerie Whisperers' During Morning Show Appearance

Jesse Smart, Rebecca Broomfield and Karen Kay (pictured from left to right). (This Morning with Phillip & Holly)

Jesse Smart, Rebecca Broomfield and Karen Kay (pictured from left to right). (This Morning with Phillip & Holly)

Three women who claim to be in regular contact with faeries appeared on British morning talk show This Morning with Phillip & Holly June 3rd, hosted by Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby.

The women—Jesse Smart, Rebecca Broomfield, and Karen Kay—related their personal interactions with faeries, and shared a video in which they claimed a faerie could be seen flying near a stream.

The video evidence shows what appears to be a blurry, reflective object fluttering about near a bridge over a small stream.

When asked by Schofield if it could have been a moth, Smart replied that “It could have been a moth, but it could have been a faerie.”

Host Holly Willoughby asked why she herself is unable to see faeries, despite her desire to do so.

“Anybody can see one if they want to show themselves to you,” Kay replied. “So it’s about being respectful or being in a place—maybe outside in nature or indoors by a plant pot—and being receptive, and just saying in your mind or in your heart, you know, ‘faeries show yourselves to me.’ And if they want to they will.”

“They can’t be bossed around, but they will kind of check you out to say ‘do you like nature?’ They’ll tune into you. But if you really want to in your heart then they will give you a sign. Not necessarily full blown,” she added.

The three women described their own various methods of connecting with faeries, including meditation and a sort of natural ability to sense their presence.

Faeries can be very mischievous, they warned.

“You don’t want them in your computer and you don’t want them in your house,” Kay said. “So I would say to everybody don’t put faerie doors in your house. I know there might be a few around, because it’s a doorway from their realm into our realm.”

“They can hide things, they can put glitter on you. They’ve been in my computer before and the whole thing’s just crashed but not crashed. And just loads of stars just appeared,” she continued.

“How do you know it’s faeries and not a virus?” asked Willoughby.

“I know it’s faeries. I know the difference. I’m old enough to know the difference between what’s in my mind and what’s happening…and what’s in my heart,” said Kay.

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