'Haunted' Police Station Frightens Officers in India


The officers of a police station in Jugsalai township, Jharkland, India are reportedly so frightened of the ghosts they say are haunting the building that they won't work past 11 p.m., according to Gulf News.

The terrified officers have been routinely organizing prayers each month to appease the 'wandering spirits' present, and making offerings to 'invisible spirits' to ward off the ghosts, said the local authorities.

“Nothing appears fine here. We feel terrified all the time due to sudden fear,” said sub-inspector S Baske to local media last Friday.

Officers report hearing strange sounds after nightfall, with the frequency of occurrence increasing after midnight.

“No one likes to stay at the police station at night and it is totally deserted by 11pm every day,” said one policeman.

He reported that the phone lines routinely go out every night.

“We have been repairing the phone lines on a daily basis, but strangely they stop working by evening. This is an everyday problem,” he said.

Local lore has it that the police station was built on top of a site once used by villagers as a cremation ground, and that's the cause of the paranormal activity.

“Apparently, that’s the reason why our police station is in the grip of ghosts,” explained the officer.



Tobias Wayland