4th of July Holiday Brings Increase in Reported UFO Sightings


Statisticians pouring over decades of UFO reports have made a number of interesting correlations in the past few years, not the least of which is the high number of UFO sightings said to take place on and around the 4th of July.

Early last year, statistician Sam Monfort compiled and collated sightings reported to The National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC). According to Monfort, his findings indicated that not only are UFO sightings at an all time high, but certain dates correlate strongly with the phenomenon--including the 4th of July.

"Sightings of UFOs spike in the USA on July 4th," he said in his report.

(Image credit: Sam Monfort)

(Image credit: Sam Monfort)

Monfort's data is corroborated by a similar study that showed July to consistently be the most popular month overall for UFO sighting reports.

Data experts Pooja Gandhi and Adam Crahen of The Data Duo created interactive maps of UFO sightings based on the same data set from NUFORC, and found nighttime in July to be the most popular time to see a UFO.

It is unclear exactly why so many UFO reports are reported in July; although misidentified fireworks, warmer weather leading to more outdoor activities, and celebratory fireworks displays drawing people's attention skyward are all possibilities.

Or, as Monfort joked in his report, "Other explanation: Aliens like fireworks."

Tobias Wayland