Mystery Sludge Continues to Fall from Sky in Canada


Residents of Kelowna, British Columbia have reported incidents since mid-May of a strange sludge falling from the sky and striking their vehicles.

Susan Allen and her son Travis Sweet claim a disgusting, viscous liquid fouled the interior of their car by falling through the open sunroof while stopped at a red light on May 9th.

“While we were sitting there, our car was inundated with liquid poo falling from the sky,” Allen told the New York Post.

Sweet said he felt something splash on his face prior to smelling an intensely nauseating odor.

“I almost vomited instantly," he said. "It was terrible."

Allen was left feeling ill, and with a swollen eye as a result of the experience.  She was confirmed by her doctor on May 10th to have contracted conjunctivitis in both eyes.

“It smelled so bad that my stomach got ill,” she said.

The duo blamed an aircraft flying overhead for dropping the sickening sludge, but Kelowna International Airport said that no such aircraft was in the area at the time.

Brett Yates reported that his and his neighbor's cars had been splattered with a similarly foul substance while in their respective driveways on May 12th, just three days after Allen and Sweet were struck.

Yates' home is near the area of the first incident.

Transport Canada investigated both incidents, and stated that the substance could not have come from any known aircraft.

“The department’s review has concluded that these incidents do not meet the description of blue ice and are therefore not aviation related,” said Transport Canada representative Annie Joannette.

“In rare cases, malfunctions can cause leakage from the holding tank,” said Joannette. “At high altitudes (low temperatures), this leakage could freeze on the outside of an aircraft."

Over a month later, on June 16th, a West Kelowna resident awoke to find her car and driveway covered in disgusting goo, reported local news outlet Castanet.  

The resident, Jenny, who asked her last name be withheld, said that the sludge was localized to just her vehicle and driveway.

“It's pretty gross,” Jenny said. “We went out at six this morning and the entire passenger side of the vehicle was covered in this very strange sludge.”

The vehicle affected was parked closest to the house, and Jenny said that if someone had deliberately vandalized it, they would have had to walk past two other vehicles do to so.

“I have no idea what it is. It's very bizarre,” she said. “Maybe it is birds, but it certainly does not appear to be.”

The source of the sludge remains a mystery.

Tobias Wayland