The Singular Fortean Society Merges with YouTube Channel Restricted Access


The Singular Fortean Society merged with paranormal YouTube Channel Restricted Access this month in a bid to increase their video content.  

Restricted Access stood to benefit from the Singular Fortean Society's marketing team, while the Singular Fortean Society has long deliberated over expanding into the video market.

The new venture will be known as the Singular Fortean Network, and will feature documentary-style short films similar to those done previously by Restricted Access.  The video content of the short films will focus largely on the examination of paranormal evidence, but there are tentative plans to include other styles of videos at a later date.

The Singular Fortean Society's head writer and editor Tobias Wayland had worked as a scriptwriter for Restricted Access, and will continue to work in that capacity and as a researcher for the new episodes.  Mark Vondrouš will also continue as video editor, Christopher Giles as the show's host and voice talent, and Tenille Vesey as a scriptwriter and researcher.  Emily Wayland, the Singular Fortean Society's lead designer and photographer, will join as a graphic designer and photography expert.

The first short film is slated for release at the end of June, and will cover two videos recorded by UK paranormal investigator Tony Ferguson.

Restricted Access videos will continue to be available on the Singular Fortean Society website.

Tobias Wayland