JC Johnson Succumbs to Complications from Pneumonia

JC Johnson.

JC Johnson.

Cryptozoologist JC Johnson died Saturday, February 3rd, following a battle with pneumonia.

Johnson, originally from Teec Nos Pos, Arizona, had moved to International Falls, Minnesota, in 2017.  He founded the Crypto Four Corners cryptozoological investigation team, and made numerous appearances on fortean and paranormal podcasts.  Crypto Four Corners concentrates on the four corners region of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah; where they investigate a variety of cryptids, including Bigfoot, giant snakes, living dinosaurs, werewolves, dragons, giant birds, pterodactyls, centaurs, and skin walkers.

Johnson was a professional river and outdoor guide for over 20 years, and was considered by some to be the "Indiana Jones of Cryptozoology."

A GoFundMe page that Johnson had set up before his passing to help with medical expenses is now being used by his family to raise funds for his funeral, and donations can be made here.

Tobias Wayland