Bill to Make Sasquatch Official State Cryptid Reintroduced to Washington Legislature


A bill designating Sasquatch as the official cryptid of Washington was reintroduced to the state legislature in January 2018.  State Bill 5816 was previously introduced by Senator Ann Rivers of La Center, Washington, in early 2017, but didn't make it far in the process during the last legislative session.

Sen. Rivers was originally inspired to sponsor the bill by a handwritten letter she received from a young boy in her district.

“Anything I can do to get young people interested and engaged in governmental systems, I’m going to be about,” said Sen. Rivers of the bill in 2017.

The bill is currently scheduled for a public hearing on February 2nd.

Sen. Rivers also introduced a separate bill last month proposing a plan to offer Washington state license plates depicting Sasquatch.

"I'm guessing Sasquatch has a hidden talent as a fundraiser," Rivers said in a statement on her website. "And assuming that Sasquatch is a native Washingtonian, and our state parks are part of Sasquatch's native habitat, it makes perfect sense to capitalize on Sasquatch's popularity in a way that would help protect and improve that habitat."

Senate Bill 6151 is meant to complement the senator's effort to designate Sasquatch as the state cryptid.

“The strong positive reaction to my bill to make Sasquatch the state cryptid proved that people of all ages are still taken by the idea that such a creature is out there. I have no doubt that some of them will like the idea of a Sasquatch license plate, and appreciate that buying one is good for the park system,” said Sen. Rivers.

The license plates are slated to cost $40, with $28 from each plate sold being used to support state parks.

Tobias Wayland