'Morphing' UFO over Cornwall Likely Publicity Stunt, Says Science Alert

An undulating black object recently seen over Cornwall, England, is being blamed by some on a publicity stunt.  

Posts began to flood social media in July by residents who claimed to have seen the strange object, but now an article on Science Alert written by Jacinta Bowler is saying it may all have been a hoax.

The science writer said that she's ruled out a murmuration of starlings or an insect swarm.

"Neither of those things make sense over the timeframe, which had footage being uploaded over a number of days," according to the article.

Instead, she's blaming a botanical garden in Cornwall, known as the Eden Project, for perpetrating the hoax, after seeing them post a video to Twitter that is similar to those posted by other 'witnesses.'

"Although we don't have much information to go on at this stage, it's assumed that the videos have been doctored using CGI and released to a number of people to share the UFO 'sighting,'" said Bowler.

Tobias Wayland