February Sighting Could Be First in 2017 of Chicago Flying Humanoid

A sighting of a strange, shapeshifting being could be related to the recent flap of flying humanoid reports coming out of Chicago.  In a comment to an article on Mothman appearing on the True Strange Library website, a woman recounted something seen by her husband while he was driving at night near Chicago.  

The following sighting occurred on February 8th, 2017, just after midnight.

"Ok this is crazy. Back on feb 8th just after 1am, I msgd a medium friend of mine,” the woman commented. "I’ll copy and paste the msg I sent…"

Hey sorry to bother u but u was the first person I thought to ask about this….
what do u think of this and what do u think it means?
My husband John (who’s a huge skeptic as we all know and doesn’t believe in stuff like this) was just driving home in the dark and he saw what he thought was a person running on two legs across the highway and then it turned into a giant black bird and flew up away
He swears it was running on two legs then was the biggest bird he ever saw flying with long legs???
What are your thoughts? Sounds creepy to me? Shapeshifter, angel, demon???
He’s all creeped out now

"We came to the conclusion maybe a shapeshifter,” she said. “This happened on 294s near 111th shortly after midnight. Between worth & Chicago ridge, IL."

"Then today my friend msgd me asking if my husband thinks it’s a mothman,” she continued. “We googled it and this popped up? Crazy! He said it sounds exactly like what he saw. My husband doesn’t believe in stuff like this & when he got home he was white in the face with goosebumps. If anyone else had of told me what he saw I wouldn’t of believed it, but coming from my husband I knew it was true. What does everyone think it means???"

Interstate 294 runs outside of the western portion of Chicago, and this sighting would have been around 10 miles away from Lake Michigan.  Its proximity to the later sightings, and the similarity to what more recent witnesses have described, has led some to believe that it could be connected to the recent spate of creature sightings in the Chicago area.  

Lon Strickler of Phantoms and Monsters speculated in a recent blog post that "This could potentially be an insight as to what has been seen throughout the Chicago metro area...and possibly beyond."

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You can view a timeline of the sightings so far here, and an interactive map here.