Augsburg College to Host Showing of Paranormal Artist Brandon Kuehn's Work

Augsburg College in Minneapolis, Minnesota, will host a showing of paranormal artist Brandon Kuehn's work beginning June 9th and running through August 4th, 2017.  The showing will be held at the Christensen Center Art Gallery, and has been titled I Want to Believe.

According to Kuehn, his work explores the difference between knowledge and belief.

"What is the difference between what we know and what we believe?" asked Kuehn in his artist statement.

"The Hopi people of the Southwest United States believe they were seeded by Kachinas or ‘Star People’ in their ancient past, and their descendants look today at the sky and await their return. Similar stories influence numerous cultures, both past and present, and have given rise to thousands of 'UFO Religions,' around the world. I Want to Believe is a look at the iconography of the UFO phenomenon and its impact on our collective subconscious."

Kuehn also curated The Art of Darkness: Inspired by the Paranormal showing at the Banfill-Locke Center for the Arts in Fridley, Minnesota.  In 2015, he received a Minnesota State Arts Board Grant for his work on The Paranormal Art Project, wherein "his goal was to travel across the state of Minnesota documenting and creating original artwork about the state's paranormal sightings, myths, and folklore."



Tobias Wayland