Two New Flying Humanoid Sightings Reported in Chicago

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Two new sightings of a bat-like creature have been reported in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood.  

The first report was submitted to Lon Strickler at Phantoms and Monsters.  According to Strickler, he received a telephone call at midnight on Sunday from a couple who said they had encountered a 'large man with bat wings' in the 400 block of N. Arlington Place (between N. Clark St. & N. Lakeview Ave.) in the Lincoln Park community of Chicago.

A couple called me from the location after the encounter. It took them about an hour to search Google for similar sightings and to find my telephone number. The sighting was on Saturday 6/3/2017 at approximately 10PM CT local time.

Both witnesses talked to me. They were both shook up and assured me that neither of them drink alcohol or take drugs. Both are professionals and business owners in the Chicago area. They had just finished a late dinner at a local restaurant and noticed the flying anomaly as they were walking on the 400 block of N. Arlington Place. The street lights illuminated the figure enough to startle them, so it could not have been very high above the street.

They both described it as a 7-8 ft solid black humanoid with wide membrane wings, that resembled those of a huge bat. The wing span was at least 12 ft. The head was prominent, and thinner than a human head. The back end of the body tampered to a point. No legs were noticed, but could have been tucked up under the body. The figure was gliding quickly along the length of the street heading east, then suddenly ascended into the night sky. Neither heard any sound. Both witnesses told me that they felt a sense of foreboding and were still terrified almost an hour after the encounter.

Strickler plans on following up with the witnesses to gather a written report, and hopes that they will be able to provide a sketch of the creature.  

A second report from the same area was submitted to UFO Clearinghouse at 11 p.m. on June 4th.  

I was walking with my boyfriend in Lincoln Park around 10 p.m. tonight on Saturday, June 3rd and saw a huge bat or what I could only describe as a bat glide past. It was huge and long. I can’t explain what it was but it was not normal. It was pitch black and had no feathers. I thought it was an eagle or a bat, but it was definitely bigger than both of those. Its wings were skin-like and it made no sound. I called my boyfriend to see it but by the time he looked he only saw the tail end of it. We both felt very uneasy and more uneasy after googling and coming across similar reports. I’m not sure what to make of it but it was not normal. The wings were the longer than my boyfriends’ arms and he’s six feet.

An investigative team from the website have contacted the witness and her boyfriend, and will release a full report after their investigation has concluded.

These reports bring the number of sightings of a bat-like creature in the lakefront area of Chicago up to ten since March of this year.

To report a sighting, reach out to us directly at The Singular Fortean Society through our contact page.

Tobias Wayland