Chilean Navy UFO Footage Sparks Fast Response from Skeptics

The Chilean government entity responsible for investigating UFOs, the CEFAA, reported that a naval helicopter spotted an unidentified flying object, moving horizontally and at the same speed as the aircraft, while carrying out a routine daylight coastal patrol in November 2014. According to the report, the crew was unable to confirm the object with local airports and land-based military installations, which showed nothing on their radar.  The UFO twice ejects an unknown material into the air during the 10-minute video, and the object and its emissions were largely visible only in the infrared spectrum of the helicopter's Surveillance & Reconnaissance (SAR) camera.  CEFAA had contacted multiple agencies to rule out satellites and falling space debris, and lack of radar evidence ruled out balloons or other aircraft.

A scientific review of the evidence by French organization IPACO, however, has led them to believe the object is of terrestrial origin.  Their conclusion was based on several factors, such as the helicopter’s path, hot spots from the infrared footage, studying the velocity of the unidentified object, and the nature of the dumped material.  

“The object observed in the video was most probably a medium-haul twin jet airliner in a landing phase, flying ahead of the helicopter at a higher velocity, with a low altitude and a low velocity, in view of landing,” the group said.

Source: Russia Today

Tobias Wayland