Big Bang Fair Sparks Futurist Speculation

Doctor Ian Pearson and some of his predictions.

Doctor Ian Pearson and some of his predictions.

Doctor Ian Pearson released a report recently which details the likely integration of man and machine that humanity could witness over the next half-century.  The report was written in advance of the UK's The Big Bang Fair--an upcoming science, technology, engineering, and math fair for young people.  Among Pearson's predictions are the ability to grow new teeth, and implanting devices to make pets smarter, which could even lead to them being able to communicate with us in our own language.  Further speculation has led the doctor to believe that "electronic immortality" could become a reality, as humans merge with technology.

“We can expect our evolutionary process to change in response to technology. What’s exciting is that it is no longer nature which is forcing changes on us but our own breakthroughs enabling changes we want," said Pearson.  “This could give rise to some weird and wonderful future forms and creations – from changing video displays on our faces to controlling our own dreams – our (evolving) imaginations are the only limit."


Tobias Wayland