Authorities Investigate Mysterious Beech Tree Bandits

Credit: Wales News Service

Credit: Wales News Service

Around 200 ancient beech trees were illegally cut down recently, and so far environment officers are stumped regarding who might have perpetrated the crime.  Natural Resources Wales is conducting the investigation, after investigators visiting the countryside in Blackwood, near Caerphilly in South Wales, discovered the scene of the incident, which had been initially reported over Christmas.

"This is a devastating case which will have a terrible impact on the local environment and will no doubt be very upsetting for local people," said Jim Hepburn, Regulatory Woodland Officer at Natural Resources Wales. "These trees would have been around 150 - 200 years old and would have provided a valuable habitat for wildlife.

So far the police are not involved, but any perpetrators face significant fines of £2,500 or twice the value of the trees--whichever is greater--if found guilty of the crime.  

"We continue to investigate how this felling has happened, and will take the necessary action against those responsible," said Hepburn.  

Source: Telegraph

Tobias Wayland