New Zealand Teen Captures Mystery Light on Video

Josh Marshall, 16, of Blenheim in Marlborough, New Zealand, captured a mysterious light in the sky on his camera phone this past Wednesday.

The bright, spinning, disc-like object "sort of just appeared" above the sky of a friend's house at around 9:20 pm, according to Marshall.

"I'm not sure what it is but it's not a plane, it's not a star, and not a satellite," said Marshall.

The teen watched the object, which appeared stationary while the stars moved around it, with his friend's family until about 10 pm.  

John Holmes of the Wellington Astrological Society was unable to identify the object.

"If it were not for the dark hole in the middle it could be Venus," said Holmes

The video was sent to Airways Corporation--which is responsible for the airspace over this area--for analysis.  A spokeswoman for the company stated that the object "very well" could be an aircraft, but was unable to confirm this possibility.

Marshall has declared that he will watch the sky over the next few nights to see if the object reappears. 


Tobias Wayland