Snouted Cobra Sneaks Through Sewer Into Commode

A snouted cobra sneaked into a Pretoria, South Africa apartment complex toilet last week. The video below shows professional snake handler Barry Greenshields wrangling the 8-foot snake before it wriggles free and escapes back down the toilet.  Frightened residents are considering pouring pool acid or hot water down the pipes to kill the creature, but Anton Meijer, who shot the video showing the sneaky sewer snake, hopes to catch it alive.

“We still have no idea where the snake is hiding," says Meijer.  “We have put cameras in the pipes to look for it.  Residents are still worried and some of them are feeling like if it comes up they want to kill it which is something I don’t want. I hope he has left through the pipes.”

Source: YouTube

Tobias Wayland