Paranormal Investigator Declares Minnesota County Rife With Risen Spirits

Photo courtesy of West Central Tribune

Photo courtesy of West Central Tribune

London native and paranormal investigator Adrian Lee has declared that several locations in Renville County, Minnesota are haunted--even going so far as to say that the Morton school building was "the most difficult environment he ever investigated."

The author and current resident of Minnesota has worked out a deal with the Renville Historical Society wherein he is allowed to investigate Renville's public historic sites, but in return all proceeds from his speaking engagements regarding said sites is donated to the society.  Most recently, Lee spoke to an audience of over 150 people at the historical society, and raised over $2,000.

"Point is that you don't have to believe in ghosts because the people that are reading these books or listening to my radio shows are going to come here and they are going to eat in your restaurants, they are going to drink in bars, shop in your shops and stay in your hotels," said Lee regarding any local skeptics.

Lee claims to have recorded various haunting activity in these locations, including EVPs and several glowing orbs, but is still in the process of evaluating the evidence.  

Said Lee of his ultimate goal, "I want to write history that has been lost to the history of man and talk to ghosts.  We are bringing it back from the lips of the dead. It is a very powerful tool.''

Source: West Central Tribune

Tobias Wayland