Russian Man Braves Bitter Cold In Search of Monster

32 year old Andrey Solovyev has decided to brave the bitter cold of a Siberian winter in search of the Lake Labynkyr Devil.  Solovyev is optimistic in his work, despite the extreme cold and isolation. 

"Some strange things were happening here, like in September when I set very robust nets and they were torn to shreds, like I could never imagine," said Solovyev.  "I saw huge - meters in diameter - holes on these nets.  It definitely wasn't done by a fish, even a pike couldn't bite through this net."

Reports of the monster first surfaced in the 19th century, but its legend continues today through local eyewitnesses--although scientific interest is growing.  Russian scientists have recorded several incidents detecting some unknown large object within the lake.  Perhaps Solovyev's perseverance will pay off, after all.

Source: The Siberian Times  

Tobias Wayland