2017 Fortean Holiday Gift Guide


As we enter the holiday season in full-swing, we also enter the season of gift-giving. Chances are you are shopping for your friends, family, and perhaps even a Secret Santa exchange where you work. Perhaps you are shopping for someone who has an interest in our strange world of the unknown, or you wish to create a wish list for yourself as a fortean. Either way, I am here to help by offering some suggestions of gift ideas that I think any fortean would love.

Ugly Sweaters from Middle of Beyond

I don't recall when Ugly Sweaters became a trend during the holiday season, but I sure am glad this long-standing tradition is sticking around. I'd be happy to receive any one of the above sweaters. You definitely would have a one-of-a-kind sweater at the Holiday party wearing any of these.

Shop The Singular Fortean Society

You have many options of apparel, tote bags, house wares, coffee mugs, tech gear, wall art, and more when you shop in our very own Singular Shop. Various designs, including those from Monster Mondays, are featured on many items in our online store which is updated monthly.

Maiden Voyage Clothing Co. Cryptozoology Patches

These awesome cryptozoological patches are perfect stocking stuffers! Maiden Voyage Clothing Co. has many patches available: Sasquatch, Chupacabra, Loch Ness Monster, Jackalope, Flatwoods Monster, Jersey Devil, Mothman, and more! In addition to patches, they also sell pins, stickers, prints, and apparel. These eye-catching designs are remniscent of National Park patches, and would look good on just about anything.

Middle of Beyond Christmas Ornaments

I might have to make it a goal to collect all of these ornaments so I can have them all on our tree someday. These amazing ornaments are in the style of old world glass ornaments from the Bavarian region of Germany. The six odd ornaments pictured above certainly don't limit the variety available by Middle of Beyond. These would make excellent stocking stuffers.

Mysterious America

Whether you're already familiar with forteana, or new to the field, I firmly believe that this book by Loren Coleman should be in your library.

Fine Art by Angel Hawari


Paranormal Art Portal Artist Angel Hawari has an etsy shop where she sells her work, including prints of her Daughter of Innsmouth painting pictured above. Who wouldn't want colorful, whimsical, imaginative artwork like this adorning their walls?

The Mothman Prophecies

John Keel's classic novel is yet another book I believe does belong in every fortean's library. If you are looking for a book to read about one of the most popular cryptids (one of our personal favorites), this is the book you want to read.

Ghost in a Bottle


We may not know the truth about what ghosts actually are, but in case you wanted to keep a spook nearby at all times, you can now thanks to MintCharm on Etsy.

Passport to Magonia

By now you should have figured out that I feel as though books make great gifts! This book is another one of our favorites.

Alien Invasion Coffee Mug


It's likely most humans would cry in horror if aliens abducted our coffee supply, but this mug is adorable and I really admire Wobbly Kitty Art's clever illustration. I never start my work without a cup of joe, and perhaps this classic working adult habit will become a universal practice.

Mothman Dynasty by Lon Strickler

Fellow fortean and friend Lon Strickler of Phantoms and Monsters has published his latest book, which covers the recent flap of flying humanoid sightings in Chicago. This book is fresh off the press and a perfect read for those winter days where you're staying inside away from the cold.

Of course, there are many more fine fortean items out there worthy of gift-giving, but these are a few ideas to at least get you started. 

Unusually Yours,


Tobias Wayland