Reports from the Void: 'I Swear I Believe You'

(Emily Wayland / Singular Fortean Society)

(Emily Wayland / Singular Fortean Society)

On February 12th, 2019, a person identifying herself as Erica left a comment on the article 'Deerbat' Seen outside of Rockford Similar to Chicago Flying Humanoid detailing a similar sighting.

I swear I believe you. I seen something very similar, but I was on a back county road outside of Laporte, Indiana. This happened in 2008, and I was on the highway very late; it’s about lil after midnight, nothin' but farm land and highway and cornfields.... So I’m driving down the highway and all of a sudden this deer-like creature wit wings flies right in front of me so fast all I seen was black and wings. Now, my kids was asleep and so was my boyfriend—I instantly woke him up and told him what I saw. I never seen it again, I but it will be forever in my mind; 15 seconds I will never forget. That night was something out a scary movie. Oh yea, and I stick to the main highways from then on.

The Singular Fortean Society attempted to contact Erica using the email address she provided when leaving her comment, but never received a response.

Dalton, the witness who reported the “deerbat” near Rockford, Illinois, similarly noted the alacrity with which the creature moved; similar, too, was the general description of its anatomy. It was unclear after interviewing Dalton if what he had seen was quadrupedal or bidedal—all he could tell was that it had four limbs in addition to its wings. The term “deerbat” was simply a convenient way for Dalton to describe the impossible.

La Porte, Indiana is only about 10 miles southeast of Lake Michigan, around which dozens of winged creature sightings have emerged over the last few years.

You can view a timeline of the sightings so far here, and an interactive map here.

To report a sighting reach out to us directly at the Singular Fortean Society through our contact page.

Reports from the Void is a repository to share those stories for which we do not have enough information to make a full report. This is usually because of little or no communication from the witness following their initial submission. We will always provide as much information as possible regarding any correspondence during our attempts to speak with those involved.

This series is meant only to present you with the full breadth of the information sent to us, and makes no judgments towards the veracity of any stories shared within it.

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