Physical Differences between Bigfoot and the Skunk Ape


The skunk ape has a few notable distinctions in its reported appearance that separate it from its northern cousin, Bigfoot.  First and foremost is its odor, most often reported to be similar to rotting organic matter or methane.  Beyond that, the skunk ape is noticeably smaller than bigfoot, with the average height reported by witnesses falling between six and seven feet tall; although there are some outliers that have been reported to be up to ten feet tall.  The swamp-dwelling cryptid's footprint is naturally a bit undersized compared to the larger wood ape, but beyond that, it is often also reported to vary considerably in its shape--sometimes even having only three toes.  Some skunk ape reports--like the famous Myakka photographs--portray the creature as being more similar to an orangutan than is normal for a bigfoot.  A few witnesses have even claimed that whatever they saw had a bushy tail, like that of a wolf or fox, leading some investigators to wonder if the skunk ape is really an apelike being at all, or if perhaps the witnesses are reporting something entirely different from a skunk ape.  It's certainly possible that, much like the Jersey Devil, the label "skunk ape" may simply be applied to any unexplained creature one encounters in the Everglades.