Coffee and Cryptids

We basically live on coffee and weirdness here at Society headquarters, so it's a good thing we have plenty of both.  This month we've been delving into the destructive past of Puerto Rico's world famous cryptid the Chupacabra, and it's been an eye-opening experience; even if most of the phenomenon's relevancy these days is in shining a light on what is a very disturbing mange problem in certain populations of coyotes and wild dogs.  

But the Chupacabra isn't the only cryptid haunting the Singular Fortean Society this July.  The mysterious flap of flying humanoid sightings continues in Chicago, and this month we interviewed Manuel Navarette of UFO Clearinghouse to help get us up to speed on the latest developments.  Manuel has been investigating the sightings in the Chicago area from the very beginning.  We think you'll be interested in what he has so say, so look for that feature to be published this weekend.  It's shaping up to be an interesting summer, so stay tuned and we'll make sure we have all of the latest updates on this and any other newsworthy fortean happenings.

Tobias Wayland