Paranormal Pop Culture: Chupacabra (Cryptid Hunters)


Cryptid Hunters is a young adult series of novels that follows the adventures of thirteen-year-old siblings Grace and Marty O'Hara, who go to live with their anthropologist and cryptid hunter uncle.  The books cover a variety of monsters, and the third in the series pits the intrepid teens against the dreaded chupacabra.  The chupacabra in this story is created in a lab by mad scientists, which, on its surface, seems crazy; but that's not far off from some theories regarding the origin of this cryptid.  There are those that believe that the chupacabra is a result of experimentation by the CIA, NASA, or even extraterrestrials; although most serious researchers question these explanations for the chupacabra's origin, citing the lack of evidence of any experiments, the age of the stories surrounding the chupacabra, and the seeming futility of creating a creature that appears to do nothing but kill livestock.

Chupacabra is available for purchase through Amazon.

Tobias Wayland