Chupacabra Comes to the Mainland

In March of 1996 the chupacabra came to the United States, when 40 animals were killed in a rural area northwest of Miami, Florida.  From there, the reports spread to the Rio Grande Valley in southern Texas, where on May 2nd a six-year-old pet goat was found dead, the distinctive puncture wounds of the chupacabra present on its corpse.  That same day, the creature was reported even further south in Juarez, Mexico, where it is said to have fed on local dogs and other small animals.  On May 3rd, reports came in from northern Mexico of a giant, bat-like monster feasting on the blood of goats.  Chupacabra spread throughout Mexico from there, and the month of May was filled with stories of the bloodthirsty beast feeding on cows, sheep, and rams.  The chupacabra has since remained a consistent mystery in the south and southwestern parts of mainland North America, with sightings continuing to this day.

Tobias Wayland