Mothman and the Twin Towers

New York resident Steven Moran captured a photograph of a winged entity near the ruins of the World Trade Center shortly after the attacks on September 11th.  

According to Moran, “I live in New York and when I heard the twin towers were attacked, I immediately rushed to the scene to take photographs.  First of all, I took pictures of medical workers who are providing assistance.  Then I took pictures around the site towards the south on Greenwich street.  When I got home, I realized there was an object that caught my camera.”

Speculation has grown as to the nature of the flying creature, with some even saying that it was Mothman once again appearing at the scene of a mass tragedy; although others believe it to be a bird made to appear larger than it actually is through forced perspective.  

As for Moran, he thinks it could be an angel.

"Looks like an angel was hovering above the ruins of the World Trade Center fractions. Maybe it's not a pigeon or a stork because of their large size. Moreover, we do not have the pelicans or bird carcasses in New York."

Ascribing an angelic origin to the Mothman isn't a new idea, since some believers have for years attributed his reported appearances at large disasters to his being the 'angel of death'; an understandable--if perhaps misguided--reaction as one searches for any sort of meaning in the face of such sudden calamity.