Mothman over Chernobyl

Legend has it that a strange flying humanoid was seen soaring over Chernobyl on numerous occasions, prior to the nuclear disaster that rendered it uninhabitable in 1986.  Allegedly, some workers even claimed to have seen it hovering over the plant.  And those that saw it say they were plagued by strange dreams, and harassed by a threatening voice over the phone.  Those who believe in the beast describe it as a man-like bird with red eyes, and refer to it as “the Black Bird of Chernobyl.”

Though some compare the creature to Mothman, still others claim that it was merely a rare black stork seen flying over.  Cryptozoologist and author Loren Coleman claims it was neither.  According to Coleman, the Mothman Chernobyl sightings arose out of the entirely fictional accounts depicted in the 2002 film The Mothman Prophecies.

“The Chernobyl story, the Galveston Hurricane-Mothman tie-in, and other examples given in the 2002 movie were pure fiction […] right after the movie was released, various websites posted the Chernobyl/Mothman reports as factual. But there is not one thread of evidence that any winged weirdies were witnessed before the Chernobyl accident. It is a bit of movie fiction that has, unfortunately, moved into pseudo-factoid cryptozoology.”