Singular Cerebrations: Hope

First responders at the Spanish Fork River.

First responders at the Spanish Fork River.

I came across something recently, it's not important what, that reminded me of an article I wrote a couple of years ago for a paranormal website.  The article was about a horrible tragedy that occurred in Spanish Fork, Utah, and the resulting miracle that saved an infant's life.  I'll go ahead and fill you in if you're not familiar.

On March 7th, 2015, emergency first responders heard a voice yelling for help from within an overturned vehicle that was partially submerged in the Spanish Fork River. This mysterious voice prompted rescuers to double their efforts to right the vehicle and rescue those inside.  Upon investigation it was determined that the mother had likely died on impact, and her baby daughter was too young to have yelled for help. That voice and the extra effort it induced likely saved that baby's life.  Many people have speculated on the origin of the voice, but the only thing that matters is it let those men wading into the frigid water that day know someone in the car was still alive.

Those first responders--who all claim to have heard that miraculous cry for help--didn't care about the culture, politics, or ethnicity of the people in that car.  They didn't hesitate or think twice once they heard that cry.  They acted quickly, efficiently, and with maximum effort because they knew another human being was in trouble and they knew they could help.  And that was a uniquely and purely good act.

I want us all to remember that.  I want us to remember that, fundamentally, human beings are social animals and when one of us is in trouble we help; regardless of our differences.  That being good isn't the exception, it's the rule, and in these seemingly dark times we all have the potential to be first responders.  We can all help.  And that gives me hope.

Yours in Impossibility,


Tobias Wayland