Bloody Bride Bridge


Highway 66 in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, is better known to forteans and folklore enthusiasts as the Bloody Bride Bridge.  According to legend, a bride-to-be was killed in a car accident on her wedding night, and continues to haunt that stretch of road.  She, along with her ghostly groom, are said to appear in the backseat of any car parked on the bridge at midnight.  Visitors to the bridge have reported not only apparitions, but also strange fogs and rock formations.  There are even stories of a police officer who hit the phantom bride with his car, only to have her appear in his back seat.  The rock formations are perhaps easily explained as the work of bored college students from the nearby university.  Any apparent cause of the apparitions and fogs remains more difficult to discern.

Despite reports of a bloody woman in white appearing in the middle of the road leading to Bloody Bride Bridge, no record has ever been found that shows a woman died there; nor is there any evidence that a police officer encountered the spirit.  That doesn't stop locals from passing on the legend, of course, and it remains a popular spot to visit around Halloween.  So if you have a fondness for folklore and nerves of steel, then consider paying a visit to Stevens Point's Bloody Bride Bridge at midnight--and let us know if you receive any hitchhikers from beyond the grave.  

Tobias Wayland