Singular Cerebrations

I'd like to begin to take Fridays as an opportunity to ruminate on my thoughts regarding fortean anomalies, paranormal phenomena, or whatever else is on my mind.  This first week is a cry for help to my fellow forteans.  We've had the website up for a few months now, and I need your feedback to help guide our direction.  A society is stronger than any of its individual members, and together we are capable of making something much greater than the sum of our parts.  So help me create something great.  What do you like about The Singular Fortean Society?  What don't you like?  What would you like to see more or less of?  Would you like to hear more of my investigative opinion in the daily news blogs?  Are there areas of interest you'd like to see explored?  Do you think there is a decent space for you to share your opinions? 

I know that this is a lot to throw at you at once, but believe me I appreciate it.  And if there are any questions you have, or answers to questions I haven't asked in this blog, then please add them to the conversation.  Contact us here at, or let us know what you think on social media.  Thanks in advance for contributing.

Yours in Impossibility,